FAQs – LED Screens

FAQs – LED Screens

We have different styles of mobile LED screens you can rent depending on what best suits your project.

Our mobile trucks have high resolution LED screens that install and setup in as little as 15 minutes with on board control systems, and built in production studios.. We can offer help and advice with your videos or big screen content should you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use LED screens?

With so many options in display technologies, why is an LED screen right for you?

High resolution LED screens are paving the way forward as the new digital display technology. LED screens have the power to grab attention and put out a message in a colourful and creative way.

LED screens can playback and display content including; video, text, images and live date but on a much bigger scale. Your LED screen won’t get washed out by bright lights and the pictures appear seamless. You are therefore provided with an eye-catching flawless video that makes your message unmissable and stand out amongst competitors.

LED screens can be used in bright environments and the picture isn’t affected by outdoor light.

If you want to know more, you can speak to one of our team members about LED screens and see if there’s something that suits you.

What is an LED screen?

An LED screen is made from many smaller LED’s, this is known as light emitting diodes which are placed closely together. Each LED beams three colours, red, green and blue; these together light up to create a variety of different colours. When at a distance, you wouldn’t notice the individual LED’s but see a wider, seamless picture.

What is a Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance between each LED. The smaller the gap between each of the LED’s the better the resolution. This makes a more detailed picture. Therefore, a lower pixel pitch number means a better resolution.

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